Our objectives in Web design Abu Dhabi

Web design Abu Dhabi

Vous savez que la création d’un site Internet est la conception et le développement de la coquille technique qui vous permet de présenter et vendre vos produits et At Dianys Enterprises Holdings INC we specialise in creating bespoke websites that deliver your message quickly, clearly and effectively. We’ve been designing and developing websites and apps for over ten years and in that time we’ve learned that success for our clients means a quality product that works and is delivered on time and to budget. Everything we do is bespoke and built specifically for your business, your industry and your target audience.

We love designing beautiful websites but it’s just as important for us, and for you, to make sure the site is really easy to manage and use. That’s why our developers put a lot of time and thought into creating a totally unique online experience for your customers. You give us the idea and we will make sure it works. And that’s an Dianys Enterprises Holdings INC promise.


Web Design Abu Dhabi – BEST PRICES

Web design Abu Dhabi
Nowadays all web design has to account for the fact that people won’t always be sitting comfortably at a desk and browsing through the site on a desktop PC. They could just as easily be sat on a bus or a train or standing in the queue at Starbucks! As more and more people move to mobile and tablets when they’re on the hunt for information, it’s important to make sure that your site looks as good and works just as well on a small screen. Responsive web design means that your website can easily adapt to smaller screen resolutions without losing any of the functionality or pleasing aesthetics.


Web design Abu Dhabi package options


  • Custom Web Design
  • Dynamically generated pages, unlimited
  • Free Web Hosting + .com domain (12 months)
  • Control panel secured with username and password
  • Voucher Google AdWords advertising: 50 GBP
  • Package 2500 links [link building campaign]
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Professional Photo Album
  • Antivirus + Firewall
  • Youtube account and video
  • Facebook page with 1000 likes
  • Google+ profile page
  • testing web site creation package features
  • web site creation strategy consultancy
  • standards and compliant XHTML / CSS
  • Logo design
  • SEO URL – url rewrite
  • E-mail marketing campaign: 2000 emails
  • Management manual


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